Singular Sensation: A Reader for my Blog

My first attempt at answering a writing prompt. My other blog is “People, Politics, and Pinheads and deals more with society and life in general.

Today’s Daily Prompt caught my eye. The idea was to pick one person that you would choose to be guaranteed to read your blog. This is a hard question for me to answer with this blog, because it is mostly about my music. To be honest, none of the musical people in my life are the type to read blogs. Therefore, I have to turn to the other aspect of my blog: a place for me to write. This is why I choose one of my best teachers ever, Mrs. S-,as my guaranteed reader.

Mrs. S- has encouraged me since elementary school to pursue what I love, which in this case resulted in writing and music. She taught me how to present my work, how to deal with people, and how to write so people can understand. It is because of her pure awesomeness that I am writing to you.

I would pick Mrs. S- because I want her to know how much she has helped me and how big on an impact she has had on my life. My TAG teacher, my editor, but most of all, Mrs. S- was and is my friend.

All the jazz (among other music styles,)
– Hannah


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